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Third Party Integrations

There are a number of things to consider when building a new app for your organization. We’re all aiming to create something which will be popular with customers and readily used. Third-party integrations are becoming an essential ingredient to attract and retain customers. People are looking for more ways to streamline their work or lives, so they look for tools which integrate with what they already use. Third-party integrations offer many benefits to your app, including satisfying your customers and helping to save you money, because you don’t need to develop out a feature which makes sense for your app if there is already a great third-party offering which will integrate. For your customers, you can enhance their experience with you by providing them with seamless integrations with apps they are already using. Many don’t want just another app which runs independently from everything else they use. They are fatigued by so many tools and want easy options.

Look for integrations which:

Are appealing to your target audience (they already use them). Are logical for your app. Will integrate seamlessly and maintain support. Add to your customer-side experience rather than cause problems. Are you needing to build a good app with useful integrations? Talk to Thrymr today about how we can help.


About Third Party Integrations

We design a solution for ANY Third-Party API

Thrymr specializes in developing custom solutions for companies needing to integrate multiple systems. Here are just a few examples of integration projects such as Payment gateway Integrations, ERP integrations, Maps, Social media and Email integrations. We integrate any custom software application to any online service or software that offers API functionality also build custom made APIs as needed.

Thrymr's Solution

Thrymr specialized in building custom made APIs for third-party integration. Our some of the work are with: Slack, Dropbox or other file storage/sharing apps., Marketing automation tools, Social media tools, Google Tools, Payments. Accounting, Social media, Music, Payments, Messaging.