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Project Overview

e2log is the transportation management platform for industrial supply chains. Gain the end-to-end visibility and control you need to simplify moving any type of cargo, anywhere in the world.


Planning logistics for over-dimensional cargo (ODC) presents several unique challenges due to the size, weight, and complexity of the shipments. Over-dimensional cargo refers to items that exceed the standard dimensions and weight limits for transportation. These challenges include:

• Higher Cost

• Engineering Expertise

• Clearances and Restrictions

• Safety Concerns

• Regulations and Permits

• Route Planning

• Infrastructure Limitations

• Loading and Unloading

• Coordination and Communication

• Customs and Border Crossings


e2log platform was built with following functionalities to take on challenges faced in logistic planning for ODC:

• RFQ (Request for Quote) process to plan all the activities

• Multiple quotes from freight forwarder to prepare multiple solution

• Option to mix and match services from various freight forwarder

• Reverse Auction process to get best rates

• Restrict selection of sanctioned transshipment port

• Shipment specific communication channel for better coordination

• Checklist for regulations and permits

• Engineering Drawings repository for better handling of cargo

• Document upload for compliance checks

• Invoice management for easy customs clearance

• Activity based tracking

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