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Logistics and Supply Chain Companies, that critical link which acts as the nervous system of an economy, is at a crucial juncture in India. It has come to occupy a pivotal position in the overall transport system in India. Several factors are helping the growth of logistics industry in India over the decade that includes changing the tax system, rapid growth in industries such as an automobile, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and retail. With increasing competition and cost, focus on outsourcing, entry of foreign players is having a positive impact on the industry.There are, however, a slew of problems which are inhibiting the logistics industry from achieving its full potential.

The problems engulfing the sector are manifold such as Inadequate Infrastructure, Conventional Ways Of Operations, Economies Of Scale, Constant Costs And Government Barriers and biggest of all is a reluctance to adopt new basic technologies.


If we want to make Logistics industry more efficient and organized we have to focus on technology adoption. A good case we can discuss here and show how Thrymr Software has developed multiple customizable platforms to transform the business process, making it much faster, improved service levels and saved tons of money for Inspirage and Delhivery as its Clients.

Inspirage is Integrated Supply Chain Specialists with unparalleled Customer Satisfaction Rates. Inspirage has over 100 pre-built solutions leveraging Oracle applications to help clients jump-start their projects, reduce risks, and improve time to value for the core industries.

About Inspirage

Inspirage provides supply chain solutions and helps them to integrate information, accelerate innovation, and deliver operational excellence.They wanted to develop Apps which can help them in recording real-time activities on the ground of shipments once they leave the production facility.

Thrymr's Solution

Thrymr developed Integrated Logistics Management (ILM), a mobile application which works in concert with its OTM cloud pre-configured solution for asset-based 3PLs.


In the past, the transportation and distribution industry was guided by the principles of point-to-point or direct-route operations. Transportation networks were disorganized, and shipping, aviation, and transit companies were losing money.

In recent years, shipping companies have adopted the hub-and-spoke model to speed up deliveries and reduce costs. Using this model, transports collect cargo from its point of origin (the tips of the spokes) and transport it back to a central processing facility (the hub). The shipment is then either warehoused or distributed directly from the heart of the network.


One advantage of this model it improved shipment tracking. When packages are, sorted and planned for the maximum load based on package dimensions for a particular truck capacity, shipped directly from the source city, there are far too many routes connecting them to a vast network of other cities. Monitoring a shipment in such a complex system would be a logistical nightmare.

Furthermore, since there would need to be mass coordination between cities, companies would need to spend money on staffing and properly be equipping each facility. For this route planning, Thrymr has forged mobile application and admin web platform for better communication between Delhivery’s nodal manager, center managers, and its drivers.

Delhivery is now backbone of many eCommerce companies and supplying 320000 products per day with its agile supply chain. Present in 800 cities and getting on board more than 3000 clients Delhivery has successfully helped them disrupt the market. It has over 100,000 sellers network.

About Delhivery

Organisations have started using real-time data to re-engineer their supply chain and analyzing operational and customer insight to guide investment in core areas such as delivery, returns and fulfillment innovations.

Thrymr's Solution

  • Logistics planner is a collection of different dashboards and apps, which the ground force will use to plan the movement of bags and parcels pro-actively based on preemptive alerts generated by the previous node.It will also allow real-time tracking of the vehicles, easy monitoring, real-time reconciliation, measurements and control over the operational processes.

  • Developed Logistics planner(LP) System with location intelligence to refine the process & Implemented Intercity Carting with Route planner optimization which increases Carting Efficiency and Mobile SDK's to enable location related services along with Visualisation on the map and Turn-by-Turn navigation, Post Trip analysis and maintaining critical field activity data.

  • Implemented features such as route optimization: Calculate the best route with any constraint, configure destinations along with route, System-based management of routes- Inbound & Outbound, Real-time alerts to take action in time, Complete visibility of reports. Technology Stack: Web Platform: Designed & developed by HTML5/CSS3 using Bootstrap3, Mobile platforms: Android & IOS, DataBase: Postgres , Web server : Ngnix

  • Improved Customer Service by an increase in movement of shipments.

  • Faster movement of shipments within the city and to other cities.

  • Reduction of Manpower, Vehicles and Fuel cost due to more efficient routing.

  • Process adherence, Speed & Efficiency.

  • Visualise and analyze the entire fleet Match GPS traces with the web reports.