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We believe that the job portals play a major part in finding the right job for the job seekers in today’s world. Both, the recruiter and the job seekers can register at the portal free of cost as well as specify their requirements. In addition, they get an alert from the job portal whenever a candidate comes up or a suitable job. Employers who are looking for the right candidate for their company can find at job portal. They don’t have to take an interview of many job seekers to find one of the best and employers can send application using job portal so the procedure of appointment becomes faster.

We, Thrymr Software have designed flexible and high-class job portal for Wisdomjobs with many advantages attached such as:

  • Recruitment portal to get your process automated.
  • The portal gives the power to store unlimited databases of Job seekers and employers. The easy recruitment process for both job seekers and employer. Automatic scheduling through the cron job facility for system reminders, updates, matching jobs, Bulk mailing. Online application submission, tracking of application, manager your methods powerfully without any delay. Tracking, Filtering, short-listing the best candidates for your company. Management of job seekers, employers, statistics of your data, report generation, CMS management are the best part of a recruitment solution is one of the best job search sites in India. It is the first skill assessment based job portal that offers free skill testing to job seekers. With more than 30 million registered candidates the portal provides professional recruiting services in various sectors.


About Wisdomjobs

Wisdom Jobs is a unique 4th generation job portal which helps people to have a quicker, more efficient job search. They wanted to re-develop their mobile application for adding more functionalities having a better UI/UX experience.

Thrymr's Solution

Wisdom IT Services is a global recruitment company providing professional recruiting services for Clients in various sectors. Thrymr built mobile platform in IOS & Android for wisdom jobs and developed elegant mobile interfaces. The platform connects Job seekers and Recruiters and as part of Applying for jobs we will seek Customer information and allow the user to take assessments, Provide score & Rank for every skill. This mobile app has most enhanced features such as Integration of cloud services to access user documents, Favorites, Advanced job search, Apply for Jobs on mobile immediately, Rank based Skills.Mobile Platforms: Android & IOS

Increase of users due to better Interface & User Friendliness.


Women constitute approximately 50 percent of the total adult population in the world. Yet, in terms of opportunities, they face several challenges, particularly relating to gainful employment. There is a need to provide remunerative and flexible opportunities to women to make a more satisfying use of their time. Thrymr brought Stockroom's idea and purpose into life by building web-based recruitment portal for women. Founded in 2015 and over 30,000 registered developers helps companies Search, Assess and Hire Top Tech Talent at a massive scale through online challenges, in person coding challenges in a shorter time.


About Stockroom

Stockroom provides a platform for companies to hire curated talent at a scale. They organize hackathon to provide a platform for job seekers to showcase their talent and get hired from companies.

Thrymr's Solution with an aim to solve the issue of diversity hiring faced by various corporates wanted to implement a platform specifically for women. The platform to be developed would bring together prospective candidate and the recruiting company on a single stage. Thrymr helped Stockroom by building the required platform called Women Changemakers which allowed the recruiter with a valid credential to post the jobs. It also allowed an administrator to post event details like hackathon, seminars, etc. All the jobs and events detail posted on the platform were only for women. A registered user of the platform can apply to a job or register for an event. We also provided various check to ensure there is no misuse of the platform.

  • Recruiters get a pool of female candidate from which they can select an eligible candidate and ensure gender diversity in the organization.
  • A female candidate can apply for a job meant only for them.
  • It helps in networking