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A key challenge in human nutrition is the assessment of usual food intake. The adoption of mobile phones has created an opportunity for assessing and improving nutrient intake as they can be used for digitizing dietary assessments and providing feedback.

With the proliferation of mobile phones and tablets, the idea of developing software apps aimed at improving nutrition and physical fitness also came up. The simple digitalization of input data is important and useful, mobiles have built-in capabilities that can increase the accuracy of data collection and decrease the time burden of the process and possible biases.

The most suitable example is the Truweight a weight loss management company that gives its clients nutrition counseling and a wide range of effective superfoods, which helps individuals to attain optimal weight loss through its application. There are over 60 nutritionists across Truweight centers, counseling around 20000+ clients on their weight loss and health issues.


About Truweight

The demand for services in the Fitness and Slimming segments have spurt up phenomenally over the past few years. Fitness Services continue to account for nearly half of this segment.

Thrymr's Solution

Truweight provides expert weight loss consultation and gives the optimal diet suggestions for clients. So we have 2 different views for this application. The web view is for management (admin and dietitian) from here they can manage clients, weight tracker, Clients appointment, Meal plans, Reports, chats, and notifications. Mobile view is for clients. So that clients can meet expert nutritionists personally either online who will analyze their body type to ensure effective weight management. An expert will set the client diet plan and track their diet. The client will get a notification on regular basis regarding their diet. This application also has calorie tracker, So clients can easily calculate their calorie through this application.Technologies used: for Web: Java 1.8 - Play framework, Postgress SQL - DB front End - Jquery, Ajax, Javascript For Android: Android Studio, Sugar ORM - DB

  • Clients will get proper guides from experts nutritionists.
  • Chat option, get a instant feedback.
  • Dietitian can maintain all clients record and their diet plans.
  • For an update, instant notification will get both users (Dietitian and Client).
  • Calorie tracker option for clients.
  • Client can book an appointment with their relevant dietitian.