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Your Rewards Zone

There is a long list of elements that draw customers towards online shopping – an ability to search (preference filters), dynamic personalization, tailor-made deals, responsive user-interface, visibility and access to a diverse universe of products range and discount deals on a single web/mobile interface.

The ability to ‘search’ deals across outlets in a mall or to get the ‘reverse-bids’ for an item from different retailers within the mall are some of the features that can enable digital-like experience within the physical premises of a shopping mall.


A connected ecosystem within a mall can bring the snapshot of the current deals and offers available across outlets in a mall at the finger-tips of the shoppers. Just like they have the option to click through choices, search for their favorite discount offers, specify preferences and price range on an online portal, they can do the same when in a connected mall. That was the idea implemented by Thrymr, a good case of technology adoption by malls for consumer benefit.

About Your Rewards Zone

YourRewardsZone is a growing marketing platform in the digital mobile loyalty market that enables consumers and merchants to benefit from one another.It uses beacon technology which allows consumers to receive instant deals in real time while shopping depending on their location in the store.

Thrymr's Solution

YourRewardsZone is a marketing platform that utilizes Web-based CRM services along with beacon technology capabilities to help bring fast results for merchants to drive more efficient and effective marketing campaigns on an affordable budget while increasing customer loyalty and retention levels. The YRZ app gives you a shopping solution that delivers deals when you need them and service built on what you like most from an in-store experience.

  • Helpful in building Merchant and Customer relationship.
  • Customer can easily find the product related offers and details.
  • Best shopping experience for customers
  • Add-on rewards as well.


With the advancement of Automation technology, life is getting simpler and easier in all aspects. In today’s world, Automatic systems are being preferred over the manual system. Internet of things is a growing network of an everyday object-from industrial machine to consumer goods that can share information and complete tasks while you are busy with other activities.


In recent years, wireless systems like Wi-Fi have become more and more common in home networking. Also in home and building automation systems, the use of wireless technologies gives several advantages that could not be achieved using a wired network only. Whether it's front door locks and home protection, climate control, or appliances, your castle is now completely under your control from the office, car, or another remote locale because Thrymr is developing interesting home automation solutions to individuals, companies, and enterprises which will make their life simple and easy. Caspar tapped this technology and brought comfort to its users.

About Caspar

Caspar provides home automation solutions to top real-estate firms and hardware manufacturers to bring Caspar to your city. Using Caspar Services people experience the modern and effortless living. The Curtains open automatically; they learn to wake you up with natural sunlight. The light knows when to turn on and even set of colors that match your mood. The home alerts you if there is any unexpected activity while you are on you, re away.

Thrymr's Solution

  • Reduced installation costs: First and foremost, installation costs are significantly reduced since no cabling is necessary. Wired solutions require cabling, where material, as well as the professional laying of cables (e.g. into walls), is expensive.
  • System scalability and easy extension: Deploying a wireless network is especially advantageous when, due to new or changed requirements, an extension of the network is necessary. In contrast to wired installations, in which cabling extension is tedious. This makes wireless installations a seminal investment.
  • Aesthetical benefits: Apart from covering a larger area, this attribute helps to full aesthetical requirements as well. Examples include representative buildings with all-glass architecture and historical buildings where design or conservatory reasons do not allow the laying of cables.
  • Integration of mobile devices: With wireless networks, associating mobile devices such as PDAs and Smartphones with the automation system becomes possible everywhere and at any time, as a device's exact physical location is no longer crucial for a connection (as long as the device is in reach of the network). For all these reasons, wireless technology is not only an attractive choice in renovation and refurbishment, but also for new installations.