Trained Resourcing Services

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At Thrymr Software, we excel at bridging the gap between businesses seeking software development expertise and skilled IT professionals. Our dedicated recruitment engine ensures the highest quality hires, tailored to your specific business development needs. Our process is streamlined, transparent, and designed to connect you with the right resources precisely when you need them.

As your trusted resourcing partner, we specialise in identifying and delivering the right talent to meet your evolving needs, ensuring your projects are supported by the best-suited professionals.

Explore our comprehensive options in Trained Resources Services :

Individual Resources:

Pre-vetted, well trained and quality resources, with expertise in various areas like web development, mobile app development (native and hybrid), data analysis, AI/ML, cloud computing, blockchain and UI/UX design ready to be onboarded.

Development Teams:

A dedicated development team tailored to your project requirements. This team is highly customizable, with relevant experience and domain understanding, including senior architects, well-trained backend and frontend developers, quality analysts, dedicated business analysts and experienced project managers, to handle the entire development lifecycle with quality and timely delivery.


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