Software Testing

In a software project, life-cycle Quality Assurance and Testing plays a vital role, Quality Assurance and Testing

should be implemented meticulously from the very beginning of the project development process. The need for independent software testing providers has doubled in the recent past due to customer’s elevated knowledge in quality standards.

Thrymr’s Specialized Testing Services are designed to give you an important edge in the areas of service virtualization, performance testing, automation testing, security testing, SOA testing, test data management, mobile testing and testing for migrations to the cloud.

Our Software Testing Services

Years of experience in handling Software Testing and Quality Assurance across various industries is a reputation that precedes us into testing & QA services. Over the decades our team has helped 1000s of companies improve the quality of their software products through our independent software testing services.

Thrymr offers complete software testing and quality assurance services for web, desktop, mobile, and cloud-based applications. Our QA and testing services ensure that end users are thoroughly benefited with the quality of the software that is delivered, ease of operation and unceasing flow of the processes in the application.

Our pool of certified Software Testers & QA professionals is accustomed to deploying several testing frameworks and technologies and so, all our deliverables meet even the most stringent quality standards 100% of the time.

Core Specialized Testing Services Capabilities

Performance Testing

Thrymr provides proactive performance engineering, testing, benchmarking, tuning and profiling services. Our services help to reduce development rework due to performance objective failures, lower operational overhead costs and minimize avoidable errors and delays.

Test Automation

Our Test Automation services help to increase efficiency and productivity, lower costs, and reduce complexity. Thrymr provides a range of services including evaluation and recommendations, custom framework design, and execution and maintenance.

Mobile Testing

Thrymr’s Mobile Testing services enable businesses to adapt to technology as it changes, resulting in a faster return on investment and reduced costs when dealing with mobile devices. We offer a wide range of services from platform testing and performance engineering to test strategy development.


Our SOA test services can lead to increased agility, better integration, and shorter application life cycles. We provide both functional and non-functional testing services as well as middleware consulting and assessment.

Service Virtualization

Our consultative approach to service virtualization helps to validate the feasibility and proofs of concepts while identifying cost benefits. We help enterprises create seamless testing between interfaces and become less dependent on unavailable system interfaces leading to higher quality results.

Security Testing

Thrymr’s effective security testing services help to ensure the use of applications that are secure and compliant with rigid security standards. We offer comprehensive services including vulnerability assessments, penetrating testing, code reviews, and audits.

Test Data Management

Thrymr offers effective data management services to provide efficient test data extraction load and transformation capabilities. We help organizations with end-to-end data automation to produce high-quality data for functional testing services and non-functional testing services.

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