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Cloud Computing

Whatever tomorrow brings, cloud-native is currently one of the biggest trends in the software industry. Additionally, it has already changed the way we think about developing, deploying, and operating software products.

Cloud-native is a way to increase the quickness of your business and a method to structure the teams to take advantage of the automation and scalability that cloud-native technologies offer.

Cloud services include designing, deploying, monitoring, supporting, and optimizing your cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure. With dedicated management services, we ensure high performance, availability, and scalability of cloud infrastructures.

Our cloud management services include:

  • Integration of private cloud and public cloud
  • Monitoring cloud infrastructure, administrating.
  • For cloud infrastructure assurance of regulatory assurance
  • Design, migration, and deployment of cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure provided by us:

  • Optimal cloud strategy
  • Advanced cloud strategy
  • Multilevel automation

Services options we provide

  • AWS managed service
  • Azure managed services
  • Multi-cloud infrastructure management

IT infrastructure services aim to ensure a high-performance cloud or hybrid IT environment. We offer IT infrastructure support services to keep your infrastructure highly available, reliable, and proactively improved.

We can reduce your IT infrastructure costs by implementing the Infrastructure as Code approach, configuring optimal cloud consumption, and ensuring efficient human resource utilization.

IT components we support:

  • Desktops
  • Laptop
  • Mobile devices
  • Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Applications
  • Datawarehouse, database
  • Websites and web portal

Technologies we grasp:


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google cloud
  • Digital Ocean

CI/CD tools:

  • AWS developer tools
  • Jenkins
  • CI/CD
  • Azure DevOps tools
  • Google development tools

We are AWS partners. Which is the world's most comprehensive broadly adopted cloud platform. Which are the secure and fastest pace of innovation. We use the services provided by AWS.


  • Independence: The architecture makes it possible to build cloud-native applications independently of each other. This means you also can manage and deploy them individually.

  • Resiliency: A well-designed cloud-native application can survive and stay online even in the event of an infrastructure outage.

  • Standards-based: Cloud-native services are often based on open source and standards-based technology. This helps reduce vendor lock-in and results in increased portability.

  • Business agility: Cloud-native applications enable flexible deployment options across the network, and are also smaller than traditional apps, which makes them easier to develop, deploy, and iterate.

  • No downtime: You can deploy a software update with essentially zero downtime.

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