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Mobile (Android & iOS)

Due to the rapid growth of the smartphone market, mobile development is the most popular service in the IT industry. When it comes to mobile development is no easy task. We provide expertise team to solve your requirements. Therefore, our team of mobile developers ensures that they not only build mobile app which stands the test of time, but is also reliable, functional, and customized to your requirements.

Thrymr has the best team to develop the mobile application as per the requirement and which is customized by using the latest technologies. We provide the services of all size of industries.

We use agile methodology for instant modifications and by using agile methodology we develop the solution as per the client requirement our team is guided through each and every step of the process and produces instant output.

The big question arises here when developing a mobile application is the type of app need to be developed. This requirement varies based on the requirements of the client and the industry type also upon market saturation. We provide customised standard results and up to the challenge.

List of industries we worked for

  • Insurance
  • E commerce
  • Health care
  • Social media applications
  • Logistics
  • Edutech
  • Pharma
  • Banking

Programming languages

  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • JAVA
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular JS
  • Environments and frameworks
  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Net beans
  • Xcode
  • Cordova
  • React Navtive
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • iOS cocoa touch

Backend programming languages:

  • JAVA
  • Python
  • Node JS
  • PHP

Databases and storages:

  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • Firebase
  • AWS elastic ache
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon REDSHIFT
  • Amazon Document DB
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Azure SQL database
  • Azure data lake
  • Azure cosmos DB
  • Google cloud datastore
  • Google cloud SQL


  • MVC
  • MVP
  • Reactive
  • MVVM
  • Event driven

The development process that we follow understanding Clients Vision:

We hear the client's problem and come up with the solution statement and ensure to solve all the queries to proceed in the right direction.

Requirement gathering and Designing:

Our team of experts converts your problem statement into a technical document and our design team provides the design as per the requirement that makes the functionality uniquely yours. This step is all you required.

Development stage:

We develop the application using the latest technologies and using agile methodology this client can view the results every two weeks.

Testing stage:

Our team of testers tests the application in different mobile and different versions. We make sure the application is error-free and responsive. We implement every possibility while testing to make sure the application is error-free.

Release and support:

After a clear response from the testing team, we will deploy it into the client-server by using different tools and techniques. To maintain and support your mobile application a dedicated team was provided by the Thrymr.

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