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A lot of people ask, now that we’re in the cloud, why do we need ETL? Is it still important? The answer is, “Yes. Absolutely.” ETL has several business benefits that go beyond simply extracting, cleaning, conforming and delivering data from Point A (source) to Point B (destination).

ETL tools have been around for over 30 years. As technology has evolved in that time, different types of solutions have entered the market. There are several pure-play ETL vendors, such as Informatica, which specialize in ETL.

Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Tool helps organizations consolidate and integrate their data collected from numerous disparate databases, applications, and systems into a standardized format for data warehousing, which can then be used to generate powerful insights and analytics. In simpler terms, it can be defined as an automated service to fetch data from multiple sources and run automatic quality checks to validate and standardize the data.

From a broader perspective, the ETL process encompasses the extraction of data from various sources, the transformation of data into a standardized format, and the data loading to facilitate business intelligence, this definition leaves behind certain other aspects of the process which include

Data source: Fetch files over secure FTP

Validation: Validate files against rules and parse data

Conversion: Mapping rules to convert data into the output format

Load data: upload the data into the database based on the defined schema

Analytics: Run analytics on data to derive metrics

Insights: Insightful descriptive analytics for data-driven decision

Dashboard: Data visualization and interaction on the online dashboard

Analytical components:


Each moment the value and the volume of your company and its data are increasing and our ETL tool is a provision with scaling support to ensure that every part of your organization is ready for the development and growth of your business.


Each business, its values, challenges, and requirements are different and such a dynamic landscape can only be supported with a bespoke solution that accommodates each of the requisites, no matter how big or small.


Detailed logging within the ETL framework to clear the way for data auditing after the loading process is complete. This process allows for errors to be debugged as and when they are disclosed.


Compatible with multiple data formats to pull data from diverse sources like the company's API, back-end apps, and other specific databases. For all the data at that place, a single tool to make sense of it.


Errors and bugs are inevitable even the most sophisticated and advanced systems cannot escape them. The ETL tool features a graceful recovery from any problem while ensuring that the data completes its pipeline even after any glitches are experienced.

We help to extract the useful data from the various sources and verifies and organizes the extracted data and stores in the repository.

The reason you need ETL is to derive the better insights from data soils. And it is important to store data structured and qualified data in repository for data analysis.

Services we provide

Process automation:

Automating manual actions based on commands sent from control apps to actuators. Applicable to simple actions like switching on/off, opening/closing, and complicated industrial processes, like robotic order picking.

Product quality management:

Monitoring product parameters and process compliance during manufacturing

Transportation management:

Real-time monitoring of cargo in transit to certify its quality and validate the compliance with transportation requirements.

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