State-Of-The-Art Digital Commerce Platform Leveraging AI, ML

Project Overview

Thrymr builds a sophisticated, multi-brand eCommerce platform for a leading Indian brand of Ayurvedic, herbal and wellness product firm leveraging modern Al, ML technologies and seamless integrations with intuitive chat systems and digital wallets.


December 2019

Problem Statement

  • With thousands of products and over 10,000 SKUs, designing a user-friendly eCommerce site that incorporated user’s preferences and behaviors without frustrating them was paramount.
  • Driving the development of a single, coherent visual style for the brand, representing distinct product markets and independent business units, each with its own unique brand.
  • The key requirement of the platform to have a mobile-friendly shopping cart and dedicated apps for Android and Apple devices and advanced features to enable personalized shopping experiences based on consumer’s past shopping preferences.

Solution & Implementation

  • Thrymr created a multi-phase strategy to execute the project in order to leverage new leanings as well as Thrymr’s proven experience in the digital commerce platforms.
  • Thrymr’s BAs and UX specialists created several designs with clickable prototypes and tested them focusing on customer preferences and expectations, significantly improving user confidence and conversion rates.
  • After multiple rounds of design and testing, Thrymr delivered an eCommerce solution that aligned well with the firm’s expectations of Great home page visibility.
  • Built-in analytics system to improve conversion rates Secure payments using digital wallets and intuitive social media extensions.


  • The new digital commerce platform negated the need for implementing a packaged solution. Rather than having to maintain many different web applications, there is now a single web application maintained by Thrymr, creating efficiencies for site maintenance, and also for catalog and content changes—which are now performed across the application with a single entry.
  • The site architecture delivers an intuitive UX that has been fine-tuned to reflect customer shopping patterns and the firm’s store shopping experience.
  • The client now is able to offer their customers the entire collection of Ayurvedic, herbal product catalogs in a powerful, one-stop-shop web and mobile experience.


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