Freight-Forwarding Execution Platform To Maintain 360-Degree Control Across The Supply Chain

Project Overview

A rapidly growing new-age fulfillment and dropshipping firm for digital commerce engaged Thrymr to design and build an end-to-end freight forwarding execution platform that seamlessly integrates their core operations, analytics, back office and front office and maintains 360-degree control over end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain.


August 2018

Problem Statement

  • Our client—A leading fulfillment and dropshipping firm wanted to envisage and build differentiated and advanced logistics solutions to improve internal process efficiency and gain deeper understanding of their customers’ industries and business processes through advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Our client wanted to move away from traditional transportation and warehousing mind-set to a modern fulfillment company powered by good IT that will give the flexibility to respond with speed and agility to their customers’ need for convenience.
  • The requirement was to build a sophisticated platform capable of location intelligence, inter and intra city carting with route planner optimization and end-to-end visibility.

Solution & Implementation

  • Thrymr envisaged, designed and built a highly customizable solution with features such as integrated planning and execution engine (core operations, back-office and front-office), efficient dynamic routing algorithms, total delivered cost management and end-to-end visibility using smart reporting and predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Thrymr’s solution leveraged smart route. optimization solutions, Google maps integration, and Google technology stack and other GPS locating devices.
  • Thrymr’s solution leveraged a diverse technology stack comprising of HTML5/CSS3 using Bootstrap3, Android, 10S, Posgres, nginx and OptaPlanner.


  • The new freight forwarding execution solution added new dimensions to the client’s capabilities to offer more comprehensive high-tech enabled services that give seamless experience, ease of access, and price transparency.
  • The solution helped our client to scale to more innovative services, to more cities, to more clients in a frictionless manner.
  • The solution enabled the customers to lead in the new delivery reality by better utilizing Al and ML and improved consumer delivery experiences while reducing overall delivery costs.


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