Invoice Financing

Project Overview

Thrymr Software has had the opportunity to work with one of the established company, who provides multiple financing options for enterprises to grow their business. The client is engaged in providing fast access to more working capital options, competitive financing and to bring buyers, suppliers and funders together on a single platform, enabling fast and secure data exchange.


-January 2019

Problem Statement

Long waiting time to get paid

Many times vendors are not in position to act instantly on large orders due to lack of cash

Lack of confidentiality

The invoice finance provider takes control of all of your customer collections.


Traditional finance have high services fees, high arrangement fees, unclear terms, lower availability of finance than advertised due to concentration limits and lack of co-operation by debtors.

Unfair contracts

Traditional invoice finance contracts usually involve contractual lock-ins with long notice periods which in many cases make it exceptionally difficult for the customer to terminate the contract.

Solution & Implementation

  • Supplier have options to view real time status, such as number of Pending Invoices, Verified Invoices, Pending Payments, Paid Invoices, Rejected Invoices & Early Payments Status. Ability to invite others vendors.

  • Funder Dashboard shows the financing requests for approval, invoices with its status, approved invoices, disbursed invoices etc.

  • Buyer have option to view, update, verify or reject invoices, view early payment requests, to choose whether financing or direct payment, Early Payment offer etc.


Competitive businesses have to grow. Grow or die. And yet because they have their cash invested in the previous deal, awaiting payment, they often lack the cash needed for future sales, advertising, set -up, production and delivery. Businesses with clotted financial streams can’t grow. Businesses that are getting low on cash can take out a working capital loan, but many find it hard to go through the process of applying and waiting for approval. So our solution of invoice financing allows faster and flexible cash flow between buyers & suppliers by borrow the short term money from a bank or a financial institution .


We believe our platforms with invoice financing option gives good short-term solution, when most of suppliers short-term assets are tied to accounts receivable, that lets them to avoid the lengthy bank loan application. It’s also much better compared to expensive merchant cash advances. It’s also a good solution if businesses haven’t built up credit enough to get a credit line from a bank. So our solution of invoice financing allows faster and flexible cash flow between buyers & suppliers by borrowing it for short term from a bank or a financial institution.

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