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Performance Testing

At Thrymr, we believe that every application is unique and deserves customized performance testing. Thrymr’s team testers are ISTQB certified and their performance test analysis can help you realize your application’s true performance in real-world conditions and also support you in optimizing application performance to meet the business needs and in gaining a competitive edge.

Types of performance testing:

Load Testing:

It checks the product’s ability to perform under anticipated user loads. The objective is to identify performance congestion before the software product is launched in the market.

Stress testing:

It involves testing a product under extreme workloads to see whether it handles high traffic or not. The objective is to identify the breaking point of a software product.

Endurance Testing:

It is performed to ensure the software can handle the expected load over a long period.

Spike Testing:

It tests the product’s reaction to sudden large spikes in the load generated by users.

Volume Testing:

In volume testing, a large number of data is saved in a database and the overall software system’s behavior is observed. The objective is to check the product’s performance under varying database volumes.

Scalability Testing:

In scalability testing, a software application’s effectiveness is determined by scaling up to support an increase in user load. It helps in planning capacity addition to your software system.

Our Services:

  • Web Application Performance Testing
  • Mobile App Performance Assessment

Our Approach:

  • Requirements Analysis and Planning
  • Performance Tests Design
  • Performance Test Execution
  • Results Analysis

Performance testing process:

  • Record user scenarios
  • Parameterise test scripts
  • Group user scenarios
  • Create load scenarios
  • Simulate and execute load
  • Analize test results
  • Reports

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