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Wellness & Fitness

Fitness technology is always an exciting area, with everyone from giants such so innovative start-ups constantly finding new ways to collect and interpret data to help us hit goals and improve health. The anticipated value propositions these offers may include better health outcomes for seniors and reduced health care bills for payers.

We provide technologies that help users with live online classes or pre-recorded sessions broadcast through devices. Different aspects made it easier for users to get informed assistance from their high-tech tools.

We provide features like user personalization, wearable, and non-wearable device integration, activity summaries by a specific period, goals setting, tracking metrics, push notifications, social sharing, community, gamification, video tutorials.

Artificial intelligence makes everything better. When it comes to a fitness app, it can empower the app, significantly improving engagement, which potentially brings sustainable returns. AI features can provide users with some specific benefits.

AI can analyse the user’s digestive system or metabolism to create an ideal meal plan for their needs. In addition, a solution like this could potentially save millions of lives by preventing diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions caused by malnutrition.

Our team created a well-informed cloud strategy and managed the adoption process. As a side task, we made an admin panel for trainers guides their clients through training sessions. With solid cloud architecture, it became possible to achieve the prime goal of the app, which is delivering besuited and high-quality personal fitness training.

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