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Fintech just got easier. Is your business ready to embrace the advantages of tech? Speed up business processes, prevent fraud, lower costs and keep all your financial data safe with your new web, mobile, or desktop app. Now that many of us no longer balance a check book, tracking expenses and keeping up with the bank balance can get a little pushing.

Thrymr Software builds iOS and Android along with web applications, which means users get a faster and impeccable experience from their devices. We put up payment solutions you need. Users can store credit card details, 2 phase authentication, mobile fingerprint sensors, and contactless payment.

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver a smoother experience and optimize the internal inflows also applications you need to store detailed user information. We make it easy to track user actions, device data, and geolocation.

AI can dive into your user data to identify trends you can use to generate considerable revenue. Our data visualization tools make it easy to see what users are doing. Our development team has experience in blockchain implementation to provide security to work with other payment and service providers.

Our aftercare service ensures that it works continuously. Your users don’t want bugs and errors. When OS updates come out, we review the code for any potential conflicts. And our intelligent monitoring system alerts us to any potential issues before they affect your app.

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