The educational sector is changing significantly with technology. From preschool to high school, universities, and educational institutions, were digitalized. Technology can help to create a future where institutions deliver a valuable education.

EdTech is still in the stage of development. It helps to customize the curriculum for a student's ability level. Automating the assessments and adjusting the difficulty of a student can potentially lead to better outcomes.

Thrymr software helped educational institutions to start their digital journey by providing solutions. We come together with the client as a team with common goals. We have an expert team to guide us through the process.

  • In EdTech, we provided the solutions like creating assessments and live sessions, easy to access. We have experience in multiple tools and technologies like AWS Code Commit, Spring Boot, Redis, Angular 8, HTML5, AWS-S3, ECR, ECS.SES. Docker, MongoDB, Postgres, and Twilio.
  • Improve productivity by highly developed changes.
  • Innovation of new ideas to improve the best quality output.
  • Impending out technologies such as analytics, AI, and machine learning for personalizing the experience.
  • Emerging technologies such as analytics, AI, and machine learning meet users' unique and individual requirements.

Targeted solutions:

  • We develop the student-centric solution for delivering effectively across multiple devices through development.
  • Our team can provide a clear vision for a new educational experience.
  • We provide envisioned, design, and deliver transformative results.

Let Thrymr help you succeed in your digital transformation journey.

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