Case Study

Case Study  

/ State-Of-The-Art Digital Commerce Platform Leveraging AI, ML

Project Overview

Thrymr software builds a cultured e-commerce platform for one of the Indian leading firm's ayurvedic, herbal, and wellness products with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Along with the artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and seamless integrations with live chats systems and secure payment gateways to the customers.

Problem Statement

  • Developing the e-commerce application without frustrating the users/customers by knowing the customers/user's incorporated interests and behaviour.
  • The key part of the application is to develop the customer/user's friendly mobile application that includes users friendly shopping cart and showing the results based on the related search, providing secure payment gateways to the user’s/customer, along with that application is available in the android and iOS devices with advanced features to enable personalized shopping experiences based on consumer’s past shopping preferences.
  • Providing the unique style for the brand and representing distinct product markets and independent business units, each with its own unique brand.

Implementation story:

  • Thrymr Software provided multiple UX designs with clickable prototypes and tested them by focusing on the user's preferences and expectations to improve the user’s confidence and conversion rates.
  • Based on the multiple testing upshot Thrymr provided the best home page with a great visual experience to the users and provided the secure payment gateways using digital payments accompanied with the intuitive social media extensions.
  • Thrymr implemented the live chat system to the customers and easy access to the application with the advanced features available in two Android and iOS devices.


  • Thrymr created a multi phased to execute the project with new leanings and Thrymr proven experience in creating e-commerce platform.
  • Thrymr software provided the intuitive UX that reflects user’s/customer shopping patterns and the firm can store shopping experience. Thrymr created application that is available with advanced features in both android and iOS and rather than maintaining multiple web applications now a single web application maintained by Thrymr, creating efficiencies for site maintenance.
  • The client can able to offer their customer the entire collection of Ayurvedic, herbal product catalogues in a powerful, one-stop-shop web and mobile experience.


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