Case Study

Case Study  

/ Secure and Trustworthy Virtual Commercial Online Platform

Project Overview

A leading digital platform firm that specializes in the trading business, to make a commercial online platform. The firm engaged with Thrymr Software to uplift the online capabilities, the collaboration helped the client sophisticated online platform in which consequence in revenue growth, improved brand visibility, cost efficiencies, and a greatly enhanced customer functions experience for all stakeholders of the platform.

Problem Statement

  • Our client engaged Thrymr to help rethink its digital platform, prepare for a mobile world, and take an innovative approach to provide an online customer experience to all stakeholders.
  • Our client imagined building an online platform with the proper thought that provides superior analytics, personalization, and customer engagement capabilities with a global reach.
  • The engagement objectives included the migration of pre-existing static and public web content, data along with the formats of a new platform, and enhancement of transaction capabilities for all the stakeholders namely buyers, sellers, franchisors, business brokers, and business service providers.

Implementation story:

  • Thrymr worked closely with the client's chief information officer of the organization to share the infrastructure and strategy with the team.
  • The Thrymr team used agile methodology for continuous development and instant result and collaborated with the client's team to implement the process cost-effectively.
  • Thrymr supported its content management 'northern lights' to synthesize the client's multiple websites into a single platform. In addition, that platform is introduced on 'Digital Ocean' in an infrastructure-as-a-service capacity.


  • Merging multiple websites into a single online digital platform and by the provided cloud-based approach reduced cost and maintenance for the client.
  • The new platform made our client continuous improvements in the business and for the personalized content, the analytics-driven ability, and new mobile-based tools provided. Thrymr provided easy-to-use journeys has resulted in a better stakeholder experience.
  • In the company of continuous improvements in the business model and fine-tune platform with greater speed-to-market and sustain high levels of performance in its online business.


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