Case Study

Case Study  

/ Last Mile Logistics Platform Enabled By Smart Routing Algorithms

Project Overview

The leading supply chain management specialist approached Thrymr software to provide an end-to-end solution to manage the order-to-delivery process to guide the package delivery through a quick-witted routing algorithm and to implement in the mobile app. To understand the driver for the smooth delivery process to deliver the parcel assist the driver with point-to-point instructions. All the delivery details of the order and delivery process should be stored.

Problem Statement

  • A leading supply chain logistics consulting firm took a step up to the fundamental change in the delivery process to reach the customer's expectations as well as providing last-mile optimization, aggregation, and differentiation.
  • Our client wants to build a superior application that makes the delivery process better by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. And also, the client wants to provide a better experience to the customer and reduce the customer delivery cost.
  • The client wants to develop a mobile application that helps the driver to deliver the parcel along with the parcel details. The client wants to store the details of the order and delivery process done by the driver. The mobile application will show its OTM cloud pre-configured solution for asset-based 3PLs.

Implementation story:

  • Thrymr developed and designed the customized application that enables the end-to-end solution to the user from the order to delivery. We implemented features based on end-user requirements and preferences, such as digital signature capture, delivery time windows, picture confirmation, and delivery status notification.
  • Thrymr implemented smart route maps and smart route optimization solutions, Google maps integration, and Google technology stack, and also notifications of every step of the process that includes confirmation notifications, shipment, track and trace the delivery each step of the way.


  • Thrymr software enabled the solution for the customer to trace and track the delivery with updated notifications. We provided the required mobile application with new dimensions for logistics as per the client's capabilities to offer the customer a comprehensive and customizable last-mile delivery platform.
  • Thrymr leveraged solution provides the client to store the delivery process and order details. The client can easily manage the order status and data related to logistics management.


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