Case Study

Case Study  

/ Integrated digital platform channels for a leading wellness brand

Project Overview

Thrymr empowers the digital transformation enterprise for a leading wellness firm. The firm provides services for its clients like nutrition counselling and assembles digital wellness canters which are the ability to deliver smooth and personalized customer experience and coordinate marketing activities across channels.

Problem Statement

  • The wellness firm established brick-and-motor canters and the canters were managing independently with the limited communication between them with that proactive communication leads to a lot of differences.
  • To achieve the goals firm undertook a digital transformation journey to build a more scalable business model and needed a mature technology partner.
  • The firm wanted to establish a differentiated brand by providing the customer with superior online and cross-channel experience and more focus on the customer experience.

Implementation story:

  • Thrymr Software designed developed and deployed the integrated digital platform that merges all digital marketing content, loyalty membership applications to coordinate promotional activities.
  • Thrymr provided the e-commerce platform which integrates the online to offline and consumer service platform to compile data from the entire customer journey.
  • Thrymr business analysts led the client C-level executives to articulate innovative high-value customer journeys built a wholesome and easy-to-use digital wellness canter platform on top of Java technologies.


  • The integrated solution improved productivity and reduced cost and delivered measurable outcomes at user scale. The significantly lower operating costs were passed to the user through discounts and rewards.
  • User-cantered weight management that ensured a 1000% increase in user base in less than two years and simple design and mighty engagement led to a 600% increase in in-house product sales.
  • The authorized application to stream patients to the equitable dietician, improve patient communications and optimize appointment slots effectively. The matching number of dieticians now manages ten times more users.


Thrymr provides a progressive and wide range of quality skills and services to facilitate an end-to-end solution for different IT needs. We work as a strategic partner for clients, working with them in an open and honest manner to shoulder the responsibilities of various IT challenges.

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